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With aspiration, passion, creativity and unremitting efforts, BMT aims to become a leading enterprise in the region, operating in multiple industries, taking human resources and science and technology as the foundation for sustainable development. steady.


BMT always keeps its 5 missions in mind and considers this as a guideline for each decision in the Company's development strategy.

1. For employees: BMT builds a really dynamic, fair, professional working environment with the best development opportunities.

2. For products: BMT is constantly developing in the direction of diversifying and improving product quality at the highest level with the most reasonable cost.

3. For customers: BMT creates added values for customers, accordingly, customer satisfaction is a measure for the development of BMT.

4. For society: BMT contributes efforts to economic development, industrialization and modernization of the country, joins hands to protect the environment and improve social security.

5. For profit: BMT considers profit as a means to invest, continuously improve and maintain the highest development. 


BMT always adheres to core values according to 3C structure (Cost - Convenience - Control)

  • The most reasonable price

  • The most convenient service

  • Highest quality

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