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Asphalt concrete recycling at the plant is the most popular in the world and is now considered the standard recycling method. The quality of recycled asphalt concrete is comparable to that of traditional/virgin asphalt concrete, demonstrated by its properties against settlement, cracking, fatigue and weather effects. Even according to some scientific research, hot recycled asphalt concrete is superior to traditional asphalt concrete in terms of water resistance.


This technology allows to use RAP with the highest concentration (up to 100%) depending on the mixing plant structure and RAP quality


From the difficulties in solving the problem that satisfies both technical and economic problems, Dr. Vo Dai Tu and BMT researchers have successfully fabricated BMT-ATR asphalt - an effective solution against rutting with superior economic efficiency.


BMT-ATR is a modified bitumen product of BMT Company, used to enhance heat resistance, reduce settlement and extrusion deformation of asphalt concrete. Chemically, BMT-ATR is a bitumen modified by thermoplastic copolymer and additives (does not contain SBS). The polymers bind to the asphalt through physical and chemical bonds through the presence of additives, creating a homogeneous binding system with outstanding properties.


BMT-ATR increases the load-bearing capacity and elasticity of asphalt at high temperatures. In addition, BMT-ATR significantly improves the resistance to irreversible deformation, enhances the water resistance asphalt concrete. BMT-ATR is suitable for use in the construction of bridges and roads in tropical climates, roads with high traffic volume and vehicle load, applications in other traffic works, especially in places where there is constant high pressure on the road surface and in flooded areas.

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