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With aspiration, passion, creativity and unremitting efforts, BMT aims to become a leading enterprise in the region, operating in multiple industries, taking human resources and science and technology as the foundation for sustainable development.


BMT is guided by its five core missions, which shape every strategic decision in the company's growth:

  1. For Employees: BMT fosters a dynamic, equitable, and professional work environment, offering the best opportunities for career advancement.

  2. For Products: BMT relentlessly pursues the highest product quality through diversification and enhancement, all while maintaining cost efficiency.

  3. For Customers: BMT delivers added value to customers, with customer satisfaction serving as the benchmark for our success.

  4. For Society: BMT is dedicated to economic growth, industrialization, and modernization, actively protecting the environment and enhancing social welfare.

  5. For Profit: BMT views profit as a tool for reinvestment, continuous improvement, and sustained excellence.


Cost - The most reasonable price

​Control - Highest quality

Convenience - The most convenient service


"BMT is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hot mix asphalt concrete, operating in the field of roads, bridges and traffic infrastructure"

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